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July 24th, 2005, 11:58
NOTE: Chankast can't go in game with the Echelon intro.

Well here's how you do it!!!

Removing the Echelon intro
Credits to jc of dcwarez.

Some people may wish to remove the Echelon intro for one reason or another, a major one being that the intro sometimes screws up the sound/music initialization in their rip of Unreal Tournament (making it emit a nasty screeching sound until a game is started).
(Following example applies to DOA2LE. You can use a similar method for the other games, but the file size will be different.)

1. Extract the 1ST_READ.BIN file from the CDI or your CD.
2. Fire up your hex-editor (I like HEdit or Hex Workshop) and open 1ST_READ.BIN, go to offset 0xF0000 and copy the Hex all the way to 983040 (the end).
3. Make a new file 1929928 bytes large, and paste the contents of the clipboard into it.
4. Save the file, and place it into a directory (ie, C:\SELFBOOTDOA2LE), and extract the data from the CD or the CDI file into that directory as well. Now just follow ECHELON's self-boot tutorial and re-image the CD.


August 18th, 2005, 05:57
How do you remove the intro from Unreal Tournament? The above method DOES NOT WORK FOR UNREAL!!! It even says, "some people may wish to remove the intro from Unreal cause it messes up the sound," but this doesn't work! Could somebody please send me a copy of 1st_read.bin without the intro?