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December 19th, 2003, 19:49
alright i downloaded an emulator. im a complete newbie to this so i might need some help. i want to find some roms and figure out how to use them.

December 19th, 2003, 20:12
roms are illegal so i wont tell you where to get them. but i will explain the operation of emulating them.

whatever emulator you have and whatever system it emulates i dont know. First you need to know the file types:

snes: smc, sfc, fig, and probably some im forgeting.
nes: nes,fmc
n64: u64, v64, ect.

Obviously you need the emulator of the correct system. i reccomend
snes: zsnes, snes9x
nes: nesticle, fce ultra, (everyone has there own prefrence)
n64: project64, mupen64, UltraHLE 2064

als you do is load the rom to the emulator (file/load/..) and it should run.

n64 emulators require plugins.

December 19th, 2003, 20:44
yuo are breked teh rulez.

for roms, check out P2P programs.

El Fugitivo
December 19th, 2003, 22:22
If you're comfortable with IRC, I'm sure you can find plenty of channels that offer ROM fserves.

Another way to do it is to search on Google for "<Name of game you want> rom <system you want it for>"
For example, if you were looking for Super Contra for the NES, you&#39;d use "super contra rom nes". This method will give you a lot of shitty results, but you will eventually be able to find what you&#39;re looking for.

What system are you trying to emulate?

May 8th, 2004, 22:11
do you know a GameCube emulator on witch I can play games?

May 11th, 2004, 02:39
Gamecube emulators dont play commercial games yet

May 11th, 2004, 02:58
They do but a little. You may try out Bust a move and some other platfom games on Dolphin and try your luck.