View Full Version : Questions about Gens 2.11, Sonic CD and Saturn emulator! Plz l@@k!!!

April 26th, 2005, 00:16
I have Sonic CD working now but there isn't any music just sound effects..

2) What's the best Sega Saturn emulator?

I'm using "satourne v1.1p". I have both the Saturn and ST-V bios and all of the plugins configured but I don't have any roms for it yet.

2-A) Does this emulator have sound support?

Because there is no sound when I boot up the emu.

2-B) And does it support USB controllers?

Because I use a playstation to usb converter and a ps2 controller to play my games. But it doen't work on this emu.

I'd really appreciate it if somebody could answer my questions. Thank you.

April 26th, 2005, 15:51
How is you Sonic CD, Iso+mp3, cue-bin, or CD?
I'd try Gens 2.12 & enable CDDA sound, or also Kega Fusion

2) Probably the discontinued GiriGiri, or maybe SSF, but expect very nice results

2-A) afaik still not

2-B) Didn't work for me at least


April 26th, 2005, 22:57
I downloaded a Sonic CD iso. It didn't say anything about any mp3.

April 27th, 2005, 00:27
Iso+mp3 rips are the most usual as for Sega CD. You might be missing the CDDA tracks, mp3 ripped, so the music might be missing because of that. Try emulating your iso through daemon tools. If you can tell your Iso size (no cue file, probably), we can know if that's the problem or not.