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Thread: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

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    Default NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    A new version of the Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS emulator NO$GBA has been released. This release adds basic DS Wifi emulation and full GBA e-Reader emulation. Here is the full list of changes:
    - ereader/demo's: uploaded (with magicflr, rotris, camera, bombswp)
    - nds/sound: bugfix: fixed snd crash on mul1.5 speed (thanks Giuseppe Marletta)
    - bios-clone: bugfix: gba/nds intrwait set IME=1 (eg. japanese/original ereader)
    - ereader/a22i: vpk compression, good tree values, auto-method1/0 for gba/nes
    - ereader/emu: automatically loads next strip, automatically extracts red-layer
    - ereader/emu: supports homebrew 300dpi .bmp's and scanned 1200dpi .jpg's
    - ereader/emu: emulates ereader hardware (requires ereader bios/bmp/jpg files)
    - ereader/a22i: new .ereader and .title directive, handles .import'ed .nes roms
    - ereader/help: added verify/create error correction (thanks Simon Rockliff)
    - ereader/help: added dotcode, data, program, vpk chapters (thanks Damien Good)
    - ereader/help: rev'ed PGA I/O ports, camera SIO ports, address bar encryption
    - debug: shows "BiosSwi/IrqHandler" labels also for ARM9 (with offset FFFF0000h)
    - bios/help: corrected bios-swi huffman description and added an example to it
    - bios: improved bios-swi huffman decoder (straighter, smaller, and faster)
    - xed: fixed occasional crashes on ctrl,k+n (missing reform in toggle_blocktype)
    - wifi: emulates microsecond counter read/change/start/stop
    - wifi: emulates data transfer from local txbuf to rxbuf of remote console(s)
    - wifi/help: added chapters on the various ieee802.11b frame (=packet) formats
    - wifi/help: added notes on multiboot beacons (and multicart/pictochat beacons)
    - wifi/help: added notes on transfer completion flags in txbuf_loc registers
    - wifi/help: added new values in hardware headers chapter, added unknown chapter
    - wifi/help: added a lot of new bits and registers in transmit control chapter
    - wifi/help: marked all "unused" registers as w_internal (=not used by firmware)
    - wifi: emulates ie/if registers, emulates pending powerforce with powerack
    - wifi/debug: displays wifi registers (and current channel) in I/O map window
    - wifi/help: added chapters on ieee802.11 frames, renamed rxbuf/txbuf registers
    - wifi: fixed rf write, emulates powerforce=8001h (over the hedge)
    You can download this new version here.

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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    the games run but i cant save the games and reload them can some one tell me why and help me fix it im on yahoo all day im me plz some one help

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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    Does This Run Pokemon Emerald Properly?

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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    no dave try vba

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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    Just playing Pokemon Emerald recently and properly using no$gba2.4b

    Is there any trouble when playing PE on no$gba ? tell me , because i don't like playing not until finished / halfway through.
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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    yes, saving is not working here

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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    Im using FLASH 512 kb save type and it work. currently i'm on 3rd town and just meet player dad and wally.

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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    Quote Originally Posted by MCP View Post
    yes, saving is not working here
    It's only a matter of time before not only we will be able to save but most likely have complete DS emulation. I predict sometime in 2008.

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    Default Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    Can FF3 run properly on anything??
    Yeah i said it!!

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    Unhappy Re: NO$GBA 2.4b released!

    im so confused....
    when saving,
    do you use the save snapshot from no$gba,
    or the normal ingame save of pokemon?

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