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    all new to this & am having trouble...just downloading ninteen64 emulator and tryed to play an unzipped file of mario kart, it didnt work and gave me this error message:

    "No hardware acclerated direct3D devices were found. switching to the reference rasterizer, a software device that implements the entire
    direct3d feature set, but runs very slowly."

    anyone know whats wrong, and how i can solve this??

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    It looks like you don't have 3D drivers and/or DirectX properly installed for your video card. Or your video may not be capable of 3D acceleration for whatever reason.

    We'll need more info about your computer. If you know what type of video card you have (you should be able to find the display adapter information in Control Panel -> Hardware Tab - > Device Manager ) tell us the model number and brand name (if shown).

    Also see if you can Run "dxdiag" from the Start Menu.
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    i cant change the plugins on the emulator is there any way to do that

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    and also i cant get a mempack to work

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    Default Re: nineteen64 emulator

    make sure you have the latest direct x installed from microsoft. There's not any other way around it i can think of.

    How old is your computer?

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    Default Re: nineteen64 emulator

    why not just use project 64?ive had great results except for re2.

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    Talking Re: nineteen64 emulator

    hey, i just downloaded a rom and this emulator says that there is no controller detected, what do i do?

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    Talking Re: nineteen64 emulator

    also the video is messed up...

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