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Thread: Multi-Disk help

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    Exclamation Multi-Disk help

    I'm trying to get from MGS disk 1 to disk 2 on my emu, but I can't figure out how. Every method I tried either didn't work, or froze the emu. Here are the two disk images:


    Looking for help. I want to beat it again.

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    Default Re: Multi-Disk help

    BTW, I use PSX emulator. ePSXe was to problematic. Here are the following methods I tried:

    1. Mounting disk one in Daemon Tools, switching to second disk in Daemon Tools when I got to the right screen. Didn't work.
    2. Same as above, but trying the "Eject CD" function. Didn't work.
    3.Converting the mdf to a bin and switching that way. Didn't work.

    I got the transistion working before. I cant remember how I did it.

    Also, my virtual memory cards are giving me crap.

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    Wrong method.

    1. Use Daemon-Tools to mount Disc 1.
    2. When it is asked to change to Disc 2, hit ESC, click File>Change CD. A small popup will appear asking you to change Disc 2. (Don't click 'OK' yet)
    3. Mount Disc 2 with Daemon-Tools and then hit 'OK' once it finish mounting Disc 2.

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    Exclamation Re: Multi-Disk help

    I told you, I use PSX, not ePSXe. PSX does not have that function.

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    Default Re: Multi-Disk help

    Then download ePSXe, because that's what most people are using, besides, why use an average emulator when you can just get the best?
    Maybe people don't understand computer jargon because we don't actually take the time to explain it. o.O

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    Default Re: Multi-Disk help

    If you read his post you'd see he had problems with ePSXe, and he probably prefers not to use it. That doesn't mean he isn't entitled to some help with a different emulator.

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    Default Re: Multi-Disk help

    you might have to google it DonZabu.. Not many use anything else other then epsxe. So id try another fourm or google "PSX Emulator mutli disk" or something.. Good luck

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    Default Re: Multi-Disk help

    Make sure the disk images are in a compatible format and on your Hard Drive (you shouldn't need to mount them on a virtual drive).

    Click on the 'file' menu (hit Alt+Enter first if you are running fullscreen), select 'eject CD'.
    Now select 'Insert CD image', browse to disk 2 and select it. If it doesn't work then its likely there is an issue with your disk 2 image.
    This is the method I use with PSX and it works fine.
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    Default Re: Multi-Disk help

    It doesn't work that way. The second disk for Metal Gear Solid is MDF. It doesn't show up when you're choosing the cd image for the emulator.

    Plus when I hit "Eject CD", the emulator freezes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g0d53nd View Post
    you might have to google it DonZabu...
    The only help I found on google was how to do it on PSP.

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