Here is what is new in version 0.2.0 of this MAC emulator:
  • JITC: all crXX implemented
  • JITC: tlbie only invalidate one entry
  • JITC: optimize tlb_invalidate_all
  • implemented fsqrtx instruction
  • implemented frsqrtex instruction
  • IO/IDE: regs are per device, not per controller
  • implemented runtime video mode switching via video.x (Win32 + X11)
  • got rid of indexed modes
  • better XER carry mapping
  • HFS partition code fixes (reportedly working)
  • removed tools/regex.c, tools/regex.h, io/prom/hfs/memcmp.c
  • implemented conditional redraw code proposed by Jens von der Heydt
  • code to minimize redraw races
  • bnstr() is evil and has been banned. fixes: can't parse pci_3c90x_mac
  • X11: only redraw when exposed (thanks ryan)
  • Win32: only redraw when exposed
  • new hardware
    > RealTek-8139 network card driver by Eric Estabrooks (verbose15)
  • porting efforts
    > Francois Revol's BeOS patches (2,4,6-fixes,6-beos,6-compose)
    > Anders F.Bjoerklund's Mac OS X patches (1,ppc,X11,darwintun)
    > Roman Bogorodskiy's FreeBSD patch
    > AMD64 portability fixes (mainly void* <-> int conversions)
    > Windows Networking support by John Kelley using TAP-WIN32 driver R2
  • many, many configure-system fixes
    > support for FreeBSD, BeOS, MinGW and Darwin
    > endianess auto-detect v2 (but big-endian hosts still not working correctly)
    > autoconf-2.13 endianess detection work-around
    > now using -Wundef and -Woverloaded-virtual compiler switches
  • networking code abstraction
  • preliminary man-page added
  • fdisk and single partition images support by Anders F.Bjoerklund
  • 3c90x now correctly detected by Mac OS X (if driver is loaded)
  • grab mouse on click / ungrab mouse on unfocus (Win32 + X11)
You can get it from here.