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Thread: how do i work mame 0.111

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    Default how do i work mame 0.111

    i'm useing windows xp, and i downloaded mame 0.111. but when i try to run it, it won't come up like a regular emulator. it brings up some little guide, and tells me how to run it, but i try everything and it dosen't work, i extracted it, i did everything please help.

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    Default Re: how do i work mame 0.111

    Don't you try MAME32 0.111?

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    Default Re: how do i work mame 0.111

    Didnt you try Mame32 FX 0.111?

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    Default Re: how do i work mame 0.111

    Also if you check the mame folder you extracted it all to you should find a readme that explains how to set it up on the commandline.

    Like the others said though, Mame32 is a far easier route to getting started for the first time.

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