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Thread: KAWAKS HELP!!!!

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    Today i've had a lot of problems with arcade emulation(as I always do)All day I tryed making KAwaks work and it didn't,so I tried Final Burn Alpha witch worked only on some games.I wanted to use Kawaks because I'm sure it can play the games I downloaded(Marvel Fighting Games and the X-men vs. SF Game)and it has awesome features.The problem is that it doesn't read any of the ROMs I downloaded.I put them in their respective folders(Cadillacs and Dinosaurs in CPS1,Fighting games in CPS2 and I already have a NeoGeo emulator,so there's no worries on that)but it doesn't read them or something because none of them show up or work.Can anyone help?Is it the ROMs or the Emulator?And it's the latest Kawaks.

    -Edit- I made Kawaks work but the Video sucks!Is there a solution to that?It has black lines everywhere and when I put it in full screen it's worst!

    P.S. I don't THINK this is interfiers with the rules,but if it does,tell me.
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    Enable tripple buffering, make frameskip none, disable auto frameskip, make full screen ratio full screen, select a video blitter from video menu of kawaks. I like to use Kreed blitters 2xSaI. Here is a screenshot:
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    i am also having problems with my KAWAKS. the ROMS for the games i download do not work. and i put them in the folders that they are supposed to go into. if anyone knows the problem, please help. thanks

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    I'm an idiot.I found out all the things by myself and here I am putting SPAM in the forums.Oh,and CONVERGE,i had the same problem.We're both complete idiots buddy,you just have to set your paths to the file where your roms are.Look around,i'm sure you'll find it

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    People calling themselfs idiots... Now thats a first, saves me the trouble of telling them that. Just shows you if theres a will theres a way.

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