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Thread: Error code while running ePSXe

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    Question Error code while running ePSXe

    Hello , first time I post here. And also , reason why I post this odd error code
    is because ePSXe's forum is for what it seems temporary unavailable.

    My problem here is the following error while I was running a game(Before it shuts down):

    Opcode 3f UNK (PC 00000080) (4412,261)

    I ran the same game(Tomba) in which I encountered this error on a long time ago and it worked fine. Fact is , that I only redownloaded the emulator and in between I got a new graphics card. I'm not sure if the problem is the card.
    It happened when I saw a movie scene , switching to the actual gameplay.

    What I did :
    -Tried out every graphic plugin. OGL , D3D etc. No change.
    -I tried using ePSXe 1.5.2 instead of 1.6.0 , no change.
    -Tried every settings in the graphic plugin with Basic settings. No change.

    My pc:
    AMD Athlon XP 2200+
    256 MB RAM
    Nvidia FX5200 128MB AGP

    Has anyone encountered this problem before? And if so , what's the solution for it?

    NOTE : This rom I am using is different from the one I played with some time ago. Maybe it's cause of that....
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    Default Re: Error code while running ePSXe

    Did you use [pec]? If you do, better don't run it.

    Any infos on other plugins you used? (Particularly CD and sound plugin)

    Finally, you can try other emulators for the likes of PSXeven, SSSPSX and pSX if it can't do any help.

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