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Thread: Question about Pokemon Snap!

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    Well hi, im looking for a solution. I have pokemon snap rom working on PJ64 but there'e a problem, when i clear the beach level, the tunnel world cannot be opened, also my emulator collapses when the pkmn report is created, can anybody tell me what the matter is, or where can i find a correct rom?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dmb87 View Post
    I download Project 64 and have downloaded the Pokemon Snap ROM. The game runs fine until my pictures are reviewed by Prof. Oak. When I click on a picture, it flashes for a second, and then goes back, and Oak says there are no Pokemon in the picture. This happens for all the pictures, even though I know I took them. How can I fix this?
    I have same problem

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    EDIT: Sorry, didn't realize that this problem is a part of the game code itself and thus can't be fixed at the present time.
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    well it dosnt work for me, are you making up imaginary options?
    Options -> Graphics Configure does not exist... options only has
    Pause emulation when window is inactive?
    On loading rom go to full screen
    Remember selected cheats
    Hide advanced settings

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    Im not even sure if people can read anymore.

    You have to go to the options menu, then configure graphics Plugin then uncheck the hide advanced and go to advanced and it's in there.
    I'm assuming that a sudden plague of Illiteracy just hit, here is a visual aid.

    I think I have the settings correct, if not just tell me.
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    i can see the pictures in the gallery but as soon as i press continue or new game everything goes black i can hear things but i can't see it

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    Hey ive tried all of that when i turn on Copy framebuffer to RDRAM everything just lags and goes sooo slow, i have 1.6 and am running all the inputs u guys said. any help??

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    I have the same problem as the poster before me. I followed the advice given and checked Copy framebuffer to RDRAM however, the game becomes unplayable.

    The problem I was having is that I cannot see the pictures I have taken. They're just white and I can only catch a glimpse of what they were when I move through them.

    Any help will be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    What is the best Emulator to play Pokemon Snap With? That solves this Problem

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