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Thread: Has anyone gotten Gauntlet Legends to work?

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    Default Has anyone gotten Gauntlet Legends to work?

    I've been trying to play Gauntlet Legends for N64. So far, I've tried it on Project 64, Project 64k, Nemu64, 1964, and Daedalus, with no luck. Either the game doesn't load at all, or it runs with a horrible screen flicker and bad clipping effects that don't let me see my items, health, or inventory. Not to mention the sound is awful to nonexistent.

    I just got a new computer with 3 ghz, 1k ram, and a Geforce 7300 graphics card, and I have DirectX 9.0 installed, so it's not a system issue. The best results I got were using PJ64k with the Rice Video Plugin, which got rid of most of the screen flicker, but still wouldn't let me see my items and health. It also worked on 1964, where the ROM browser listed it as playable, but again ran into the same problem (and this time with no sound). On the other ones, it didn't work at all.

    I've looked on some other forums and seen similar problems reported with this game, but no definite solutions. Is this game at all playable? If anyone has gotten it to work, or has any helpful suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Has anyone gotten Gauntlet Legends to work?

    Jeez, not everybody all at once now...

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    Default Re: Has anyone gotten Gauntlet Legends to work?

    Maybe no one here has ever tried to play teh game...
    If someone could help you they would.

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    Default Re: Has anyone gotten Gauntlet Legends to work?

    I had to start the game in pj64 same at the screen with the tell a portters, then load in 1964 and play form that save state. Or somthing like that found it on the net. Pain in the a$$ but it worked.

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