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Thread: pokemon firered & leaf green codes

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    Default pokemon firered & leaf green codes

    two things here:
    i use VBA and play pokemon leaf green
    i use the cheats menu (gameshark)
    for the gameshark cheats, i use cheats specified for action replay, and they work for the most part
    i got that from a previous post which told me to go to this site:

    most of the cheats work, but i can't get the "mew in box 1, slot 1" to work
    i also cannot get the "instant catch" cheat to work, but i suppose i could get myself many masterballs, i would just like it to work
    keep in mind, i am 99% certain that i am entering the codes properly
    anybody with knowledge of this, please give me some help

    thanks much

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    Send me the codes and I'll try them to see why they don't work...maybe you need a RNG code of Leaf-Green....whatever send them and I'll try to help

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    Default Re: pokemon firered & leaf green codes

    for the mew code you need to enable the DMA Disable Code

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    Default Re: pokemon firered & leaf green codes

    hi i was wondering if you could help me.. i tried using gameshark once before and i worked, but later i tried it again and all the codes do not work.. if you could help me to make them work it is mucg appreciated

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    Default Re: pokemon firered & leaf green codes

    yeah I can't get the cheats to work, what do i put them in gameshark? codes? cheat? or codebreaker?

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    Default Re: pokemon firered & leaf green codes

    and I also have version 1.8 beta, is this going to be a problem?

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    Default Re: pokemon firered & leaf green codes

    It's been over 2 years since the last post, don't revive dead threads.

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