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Thread: problems with chankast, please answer

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    Exclamation problems with chankast, please answer

    I backed up a couple of dc games and downloaded chancast. When ever i boot up the system i cant see the words, and when I play the game you could almost see every polygon used to make it and still cant see the words. Can someplease help?

    It worked perfectly on my less than steeler desktop from three years ago, but it doesn't have a dvd drive so I can't test the actual game there.

    I seem to only have this problem on laptops because it happened on my friends computer too.

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    hey man..listen..i dont really know whats up with your dc probs...but i would be in your debt to have some help on why it wont play keeps saying please insert game disk...i have the bios what ammi doin wrong..i use alky 120% to mount the if your shit is playing..then you must know why it does this...? yes? can email me at this email and in return for your help...i will give you some really good underground sites.

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    Default Re: problems with chankast, please answer

    What game do you have problems with? Please check the Chankast compatibilty list.

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    well, i checked the compatibility list and found that there are gitches with my particular games, , but it still doesn't solve the fact that I cant see ANY words.

    I can't see words on my TWO laptops but can see words on my ONE desktop, helppppppp pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!
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