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Thread: I cant run Popful Mail

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    Default I cant run Popful Mail

    Heeeelp! I just recently heard about this game, and Id really like to play it, but no emulator will run it. Ive tried getting it from 3 different places, and each time the same thing happens. I extract the files from the archive, be it rar or zip, and wind up with an ISO and some MP3s. Then I try to load the iso in Kega Fusion, which runs through the Bios, gets to the screen with sonic and the sega logo, then goes no further. Ive run Sonic CD with the emulator just fine, so I doubt its a bios problem, but I could be wrong. I tried running the iso in Gens as well, with the same result. Bios loads, goes to the second screen with sonic and the sega logo, sparkles fly, the little sega tone sounds, then it just sits at that screen.
    Any advice or suggestions or anything?

    OK, some more info. A friend of mine ran this thing no problem. I used the same emulator, Gens32, we used the same bios file, us_scd2_9306.bin, and the same copy of the game. It worked for him, but not for me. Has anyone heard of anything like this before?
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    I got it to run. Just had to turn on Perfect Sync mode.

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