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    Hi people - very new to all of this.

    Was just wondering if someone could give me a hand with trying to get an N64 Emulator working on my Xbox.

    I have a disc with both Surreal and Project64 (as well as Roms) on it however when trying to run these from the disc, the screen goes black and seems to freeze up. Is there any reason why this is happening?

    I thought maybe if I transfered it to the Xbox itself (E drive) it would run (as I heard this might work) but it hasn't had any affect - when I select any of the emulator .xbe files the screen just goes black and seems to freeze up.

    Am I completely stupid haha - what am I missing? Any suggestions on how to make this work? Thanks a lot!
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    Usually the xbox needs emulators that are built for it. Most of these emulators are compiled with an illegal copy of the libraries. Therefore you need to find them yourself. If they exist.

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