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Thread: ePSXe roms/isos

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    I just got done getting my psx configured with everything neccessary and I have to start downloading games for it. I went to ********** and noticed that each game is 5 or more different files that are 50mb each. I have alcohol 120 and winrar so what should I do after I download all of the files for this iso?
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    What is the file extension?
    You can also find out about the File Extension at (Blog, Motorola, Longhorn + More)
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    oaklandcalibuds please don't mention sites with illegal material.
    Winrar can extract the iso I think, you just have to start from the first file you downloaded.

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    It does. Usually there will be a file with a rar extension followed by files with 000,001,002... extensions in sequence. Sometimes though there isn't a rar file. I mostly open the first file, because windows usually recognizes that as a winrar file.

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    ok i finished downloading 7 files for a playstation game(croc). but now i just have to find a way to combine these files or whatever you do. i have winrar and alcohol 120. what should i do? (im new at this)

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    What are the extensions of these 7 files? Probably you just have to open the first one with WinRAR and extract it. After that you can mount or burn it with Alcohol 120%.

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    Where did you find the download? It'd helm me a lot cause I've been searching for that exact download.

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    Omg... how big of an idiot am I... forget my question...

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    usually their names end in numbers 000,001,002 n so most cases extracting 000 will extract everything..but a better way is to highlighting ALL the files, then right-click n select EXTARCT HERE or EXTRACT... n then specify location...

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    All you need to do is get your files form whatever site. They can be bin, iso, cd image files. epsxe supports them all so all you do is hit file run cd imaige file (in emulator ) and browse your folders and bingo it will let you select them. now if you want to put them on a disc or convert to iso just use a program but really no need since 99.9 sites put the roms out in parts but it's easy just take all the parts for the game (sometimes up to 38 rar files for example ff7 3 disc) and put them in the folder. when extracting select the folder it says right under extract here. The folder with the same name as the file for example (extract to Chrono Cross [Disc1of2] [U] [SLUS-01041]) when your done sometimes u could have to extract another file after that but most of the time you get bin's n cue files and cd image and 2 others but the great thing is you don't need to put them into iso wait of time your could just put them on a cd and run them like that

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