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    whenever i try to run pcsx2 0.9 i have the error '' error opening gs plugin'' i have searched but i can't find gs plugin :O anybody can tell me where it is and how do i add one or change the one that dose'nt actually works? And also does pcsx2 0.9 reads playstation 1 game? Thanks for any help

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    Quote Originally Posted by chester57
    And also does pcsx2 0.9 reads playstation 1 game?
    No, as PCSX2 intended to emulate/play PS2 games for the first place, not PS games.

    You can try PS emulators, like ePSXe instead, if you want to play PS games.

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    I just wanted to know if they were playable to test if my emulator was working fine before i buy ffX, so what's the problem with gs plugin? and can it read burned discs?

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    Download GSdx9 0.6 from here:

    ...if you just want to test the emu...because you can't play FFX on PCSX2 or any other PS2 emulator.

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