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Thread: Channel4 Advert

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    Probably will be somewhat amusing for the people in the UK. Maybe not... I laughed all the way though this.

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    Jet Set Willy


    Heh, great. Beats the "What is your most valued posession?" one.

    How come you're familiar with Channel 4, Nick?

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    I'm familiar with a few UK news/related sites. I find a number of them have something that American news sites do not.

    Absurd example, but like Channel 4's Blackometer

    I usually visit but a few others also, Channel 4 being one of them. I think...if ITN owns Channel 4, I may have watched something similar from them over satellite years ago, but I can't remember that too well.

    I still watch BBC when it's on and listen to World Radio

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    Jet Set Willy


    Have you seen Countdown then? :-)

    Channel 4 is a great channel. There's a subscription channel called Film Four which shows the best films imaginable. Lots of indie films and stuff like Tarantino.

    Apparently I'm 33% black.

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    Countdown? Unless you're speaking of the BBC News 24 countdowns, then no :-(

    I'm 38%, so it tells me. There are a few channels like that that show indie films that are not widely known of, but really fine. A good amount of them are with subtitles, and that doesn't bother me. I've heard that people don't watch them because " I can't watch the screen and read at the same time. "

    The first person I heard that comment from was one of my history teachers .

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    I'm 50% black, pity me.

    Loved the commercial by the way, did it actually get any air time?

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    Jet Set Willy


    Nope, cunt isn't a word we're allowed to broadcast (though Johnny Rotten broke that rule recently on live television :-D). We have identical adverts where the same celebrities are asked questions in the same style.

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    We can now say fuck on TV over here, but oh my god, if we show titties we will burn in hell

    You can't say cunt, but you could probably play hardcore porn at 3pm and no one would care


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    Jet Set Willy


    Could you recently not say "fuck", then? We've been able to do that since forever. And yeah, you lot do seem to get strangely obsessive over a bare monkey's tit.

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    I forget the exact rule, but it has to be in context a certain way and stuff.

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