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    Bono said something like "this is fucking great" at the Grammys or Emmys or some awards show late last year. After that, the FCC (which governs just about everything that is broadcast openly) said that it was okay because he used it as an exclamatory adjective, but you couldn't use it as a noun or literally (no "Holy fuck!" or "You fat fuck" or "we were fucking last night, when...").

    The only reason they said that is because adults here think that Bono is one of the few good role models for kids today. The flaw in their reasoning is that hardly any kids listen to U2 anymore.

    They recently -- within the last week, I believe -- overturned their decision and fined Bono, mostly so that Howard Stern, who they are trying to get kicked off the air for 'indecency' or 'obsenity' or some such nonsense, wouldn't be able to say that they were playing favorites

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