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Thread: ZOMG!!! READ DIS NOW!!! Please.

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    Default ZOMG!!! READ DIS NOW!!! Please.

    Hello all, I'm new here, although I figured that the topic name woud be eye-catching

    Anyway I have a Very old Macintosh (been having trouble finding any good emus on this site >.> ), if you dont feel like looking through my profile, these are my specs:

    • 700 MHz PowerPC G4 processor/ 100 MHz FSB
    • 640 MB DDR SDRAM PC 133
    • 32 MB GeForce 2 MX
    • 40 GB Maxtor HD, 5400 RPM

    If I missed anything, tell me. What kind of emulator could I get to run on here? Im looking for a good N64 one, but theyre all in beta/alpha testing. The only good one (something called Sixtyforce) is made by some guy trying to get money out of me, and quite frankly, im broke. Any ideas/help?

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    Default Re: ZOMG!!! READ DIS NOW!!! Please.

    I don't know if your MAC is running OS X, so if didn't there not many options. Also I'm not an expert on MAC emulation, so I better point you a couple of sites: -> MAC OSX only

    and of course here:

    Perhaps N64 emulators won't run very smoothly, but with some graphic restrictions (resolution, color depth) might work good enough. Mupen64 it's not as bad btw
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    Default Re: ZOMG!!! READ DIS NOW!!! Please.

    Options for Mac / Apple emulation in general are very bleak.. One of my writers has a G4 I think it was, anyway what stuff he could find, usually ran like crap. You might want to try and find a forum more suited to Apple users as they may be more knowledgable.

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