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Thread: need help working neogeo emulator or how it works

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    someone out there please please explain to me in laymans term how to fucking work an emulator or how the peice o' shit works ive never got one to work never loads the damn games it pisses me off. i already have kawaks,nebula, and fastname these gay peices of shit aren't working

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    Okay... First: Calm down!

    Second: You're going to have to tell me exactly which NeoGeo emulator you are using, and what exactly happens when you try to run the games.
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    I personally use winkawaks,

    First you need to download the file it should be about 233kb and put it in the folder kawaks\roms\neogeo you need this file to run the roms.

    Keep all your neo geo roms in zip format in the same folder as (kawaks\roms\neogeo)

    Open winkawaks then click file then load then when the list of games comes up, click scan for new. if you click the show only available you can see the games that you currently have.

    note: make sure neo geo roms, cps1 roms and cps2 roms are in the right roms folders.

    hope this helps! :lol:

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    You have downloaded Rom's right...?
    I knew this dude once that downloaded Kawaks, clicked load, and got pissed off when he couldn't play any of the Roms on the list... He didn't have any Rom's at all. He assumed they all came with the emulator...

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