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Thread: Save Archive - Instructions & file submissions

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    F-Zero - Climax (J) (GBA) everything unlocked save.

    Character Profile 38/38
    Story Line 51/51
    Time Attack Unlocked
    All Grand Prix modes unlocked and completed.
    All cars unlocked (including Red Bull, Blue Falcon GP, and Hyper Death Anchor)
    Survival Tour 39/36
    Survival Challenge 39/36
    Survival Battle 01/36
    Survival Violence 00/36

    I think that's everything that's unlockable, if I missed something please tell me.

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    Default Save Archive Instructions file submissions

    Rock there should be another thread about this that you where in too that has instructions posted... I'll see if I can find it...

    Edit: found it and included some screen shots that should make it easier to understand. Good luck. You did it before, will do it again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefteris_D View Post
    The memory card files are generated by the emulator -=VampyR=-. Just make sure that you finished the inverted castle as well like I have
    All links to the files need to be posted in this thread.
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