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    Default GAME STYLES

    can anyone list some games that are like

    final fight


    i dont have a joystick yet so games like this are easy to play wit a keyboard .. so any other games in these styles would be a killer help and also loads of fun


    and that also are listed on the mame32 avalible list

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    Default Re: GAME STYLES

    So,you managed to run the games ? GREAT !

    Final Fight types:
    -Crime Fighters
    -Violent Storm
    (^ all from the same series ^)

    -Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
    -Captain Commando
    -Warriors of Fate
    -Alien vs. Predator

    Raiden types:

    -Raiden Fighters
    -Raiden Fighters Jet
    -Strikers 1945 (all series...I,II,III and Plus on the NeoGeo)
    -Air Gallet (awesome)
    -Battle Bakraid
    -Battle Garegga - Type 2
    -Flying Shark

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    Default Re: GAME STYLES

    cadillacs and dinasaurs. omg i remember that. uber old school
    My home arcade project is offically underway!

    keep posted on it!!!

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    Default Re: GAME STYLES

    Final Fight style:

    Streets of Rage 2 (yeah, it's in arcade also)
    Blade Master
    Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara & Tower of Doom (great)
    Double Dragon I & II
    Armored Warriors
    Dynasty Wars
    Knights of the Round
    King of Dragons
    Sengoku 1, 2, 3
    Burning Fight
    Undercover Cops
    Ninja Combat
    Mutation Nation
    Robo Army

    Raiden (vertical shumps I guess):

    1942, 1943, 1941, 19xx, 1944
    Star Force
    Final Star Force
    Time Pilot & TP 84
    Twinbee, Detana Twinbee Twinbee Yahoo
    Xevious / Xevious 3D
    Gunlock / Rayforce (great)
    Gunbird 1, 2
    Guwange (great)
    Mars Matrix
    Nebulas Ray
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