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Thread: It's wrong, but I know it!

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    I'm not new to the site, or to build these things but for some reason when I am config the PSX in its wizard and I get to the point to choose to play either CD's or iso's, I pick CD's and choose the epsxe CDR ASPI core 1.5.2 and choose to configure it to direct to what drive I will use for it to read the CDís but I keep getting this 'error loading WNASPI32.DLL' then the PSX program shuts down. Anyone have any clues to what I am doing wrong?

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    Then I could slap you harder this time for not doing your homework.


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    Well thx.

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    Well, I did what was said to do on the link you gave me, but I'm still haveing the same problem. I don't know if its because its been so long since I have made a emulator or and I just forgetting to do something, any how I was also woundering if I needed anything in the patches folder. Hmmmm its been a while...All I want to do is play castlevaina!
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    Firstly, make sure that WNASPI32.DLL is placed in the '\windows\system32\' folder and double check them. (For WinXP)

    If that is no good, then try to use other CD plugin like SaPu CD plugin which this plugin doesn't need the use of WNASPI32.DLL.

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    I'd try a plugin like SaPu or Peops CDr, but switch to SPTI on this one if have Windows 2k/XP.

    Otherwise if youwant ASPI, I'd try to unistall it (if previously installed, or just by the case) with Force ASPI, then install it again with this program but the correct batch file, reset and hopefully it'll be done.

    You might also use Nero's ASPI, and you only need to place this WNASPI32.DLL on the same folder than the emulator.
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