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Thread: PSPE... How to use it??

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    Default PSPE... How to use it??

    Could someone please explane to me how the psp emu works?

    All that I know about it is that I need a SDL.dll file to run it. Is it some kind of bios? If not, were can I find it?

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    well about the DLL file you can get it here just download.
    im not sure about the PSPE emu but i might try it out. i'll get back to you on this.

    EDIT:well i tryed out the emu but since emulator-zone doesn't really give much info about im kinda stumped.all it does is flicker a black screen.
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    Ok, now I really don't have anything to put in here -.-

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    Get the latest PSPE, vers 0.9b. Make sure you have at least v1.2 of SDL.dll

    Create a folder C:\PSPE
    Into it goes the emu, MENU.png, SDL.dll, font.c, and the various readme files.
    Create some folders like this: C:\PSPE\ms0\PSP\GAME.
    Now while in this folder, create some folders to put your games into.
    The doco that came with the game will usually tell you what to call it.
    For example for Doom, the folder must be called DOOM-PSP.
    Now into this folder goes the EBOOT.PBP that you downloaded, together with any extra files needed by that game.

    For the game called Scorched, you will have the folder C:\PSPE\ms0\PSP\GAME\Scorched, with the file EBOOT.PBP in it.

    Now start PSPE, and you get a menu with items, one for each folder under GAME. Select the one you want with the up/down arrow, and press Enter. The game starts. I can't remember exactly what key does what in the game anymore, but I think the W,A,S,D, shift keys, F1, F2, and arrow keys did something.

    Next, some games don't work, since PSPE only runs about 50% of stuff.

    For example if you run the emulator RIN, only v1.0 works, all the later ones have problems. That's because it's made for a real PSP, not our poor PSPE.

    Lastly PSPE can only handle 30 folders, any more and it crashes when you you try navigating through the list.

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    Default Re: PSPE... How to use it??

    im new to emulators
    the only thing i dint get in the instructions is the EBOOT.PBP file is that supposed to be the game? because if it is then it didnt work when i tried it, the only thing that i saw was a h" in the middle of the screen so could someone please tell me what to do thnx

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    Default Re: PSPE... How to use it??

    It will not play psp isoz at all.

    It is for homebrew purpose test only.

    The PSP Player is only one that can play psp isoz however the few games are reach to the title screens and handle freezed for now. Try it again in few years from now.
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