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Thread: The King of Fighters XI

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    Default The King of Fighters XI

    Three new characters are revealed: Elizabeth, Oswald and B.Janet (from Mark of the Wolves).
    For more screenshots.....


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    wow cool to bad mame will not have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by cibomatto2002
    wow cool to bad mame will not have it
    Please note that the game will be released in Arcade version so, it's just a long term period to make people to emulate the game and list it on MAME in future.

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    Here some screenshots from the upcoming game. (Keeps updated)


    Characters' comeback are confirmed :
    Eiji Kisaragi (from KOF96 and AOF2)
    B. Jenet (from Garou : Mark of The Wolves)

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    wow, I'm almost as excited about this as I was for Tekken 5.

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    More screenshots!


    And some news taken from Cyberfanatix
    General Info:
    - C+D attacks are back. They are done either by C+D or 'the fifth button' E (All the Kof2003 characters have new CD animation)
    - There is a new kind of recovery roll by pressing "Forward A+B" when player touches the ground. The character performs a forward recovery roll instead of usual backward. However this new recovery roll has same the properties as the basic one, and player cannot block during recovery animation.
    - The power gauge very difficult to fill without touching the opponent. You can't fill your gauge quietly in the corner; you'll have to attack your opponent.
    - The Skill gauge fills on its own with time (like MAX2 in Neowave) and there is no other way to fill it, you can store two levels and you can utilize it in following ways:

    Super Cancels: You need one power gauge level and one skill gauge level to perform a super cancel. If you want to super cancel an LDM, you'll need two power stocks and one skill stock.
    Saving Tag: Like Marvel Vs Capcom series, it is possible to cancel a blocked attack into a tag. And contrary to beta test, the new character who comes to save you hits the opponent to corner of the screen. Thus, a defense cannot be transformed into a combo, as it was the case of the dash-cancel in SVC chaos. Note that the saving tag cost two skill stocks.
    Combo Tag: The Tags attacks of KOF2003 are gone .In KOFXI, it is possible to cancel any cancellable move into a tag (A+C or B+D), Your next character will come and stun your opponent (like a KOF 2003 tag attack), allowing you to continue your combo (we still don't know if we can have the time to jump before the combo). Note that the Combo Tag costs one skill stock.
    Normal Tag: There is no more time delay between Normal Tag. You are free to switch characters whenever you want. However, there is nothing abusive about this system, because the normal tag leaves your next character vulnerable to attacks, so this switch is risky and can be done only under particular conditions. However, the advantage is, that it is now possible combo with the 3 characters! (eg: Kyo: jump C, C, tag, Iori: C, tag, K': C, before A Leader DM). But note that Tag combo with 3 characters is not really abusive, because two Tags in a combo cost two skill stocks for just two additional hits.

    - KOFXI has Stun gauge. Like the Street Fighters 3 series, a gauge for stun is on the top of the life gauge. Once filled, the character gets dizzy. Every character has its own stun gauge and resistibility.
    - The Skill Balance is another new thing in KOF XI. The Time Over Wins is no longer decided by who has the most life. It is now the skill balance who does . There is 3 ways to make the balance goes in your side:
    1. Hit the oppenent (Fastest way).
    2. Go toward the opponent (Like GGXX).
    3. Attack the opponent while he guards.
    - Guard Crush is same KOF2002. The life gauge start flashing when your guard is about be crushed .
    - Grabs are same by pressing Forward C or D. It is also possible by pressing C+D. However a missed grab leads to C+D (E button). Like CVS2, if an unsuccessful grab is done, a miss-grab animation is performed.
    - Like KOF2003 only leader can perform the LDM. Also the leader has a new cancel called "Dream Cancel" which allows him to cancel a DM by a LDM. This cancel need a skill gauge level and 3 power gauge levels (1 for the DM and 2 for the LDM). Small innovation, it is finally possible to change leader between two different versus matches.

    Character Info:
    - Ash’s fireball (C version) is a slower
    - His qcfx2 C DM speed is also decided by the button you use (C for fast, A for slow).
    - Oswald has a three hit move like Iori
    - His Dragon punch like Heidern.
    - Shen’s qcb A first hit crushes guard.
    - He has a new roll animation .
    - Elizabeth has a Dragon punch perfomed vertically,
    - A special move of her does a projectile combo.
    - Duolon’s Genmu Hishou Keikou (qcb K) can be done in the air now.
    - His Suishu Ransaiki doesn’t stun the opponent anymore and it can followed up only by a super cancel. Bye bye infinite!
    - Terry’s Burning Knuckle has quicker recovery.
    - His Buster Wolf DM is same as Garou now. You cannot counter it with fireball anymore like KOF2003.
    - Kim f B has a new follow-up (A sliding kick). It is no longer an overhead
    - His Hishou Kyaku (d K in air) has time delay (like Dong Hwan).
    - Duck King has his Break Spiral.
    - His leader DM is his P power from Wild Ambition
    - B.Jenet’s LDM is her hiding Ppower from MOTW. You do not need to guard before performing it.
    - Gato can hit after his air dash (qcb P, A)
    - Tizoc can use his Olympus Over (qcb K) in the air.
    - Ryo has a new move (f C ) like Ryu’s f HP in SSFX2.
    - Yuri can hold her air projectile during her jump by holding the button.
    - King got her Surprise Rose back.
    - The speed of Malin’s moves have been changed and her game play is totaly different from KOF2003.
    - Kasumi have an new anti-air grab, like Goro Daimon.
    - Most of Eiji’s special moves can be followed . His move (Qcf , Hcb P) is a DM.
    - Ralf’s DP is unblockable and projectiles cannot hit him during it.
    - Clark’s Gatling Attack is back.
    - Whip has a new DM.
    - Her Boomerang shot (hcf P) has quicker recovery, and can be used to pressure opponents.
    - Vanessa’s Dashing Upper (b~f P) move animation has new dust effect.
    - Her One Two (f A) has a new animation.
    - Mary’s Splash Rose DM is back.
    - Ramon’s far C animation is changed.
    - He has a new grab that make the oppenent run and bounce off the corner (Like Shermie’s HSDM in KOF2002).
    - Athena has her KOF 98 Grab back.
    - She can perform her teleport in the air.
    - Kensou has new fighting style. A mix between his psycho powers (1998/2002) and Kung Fu (1999/2000).
    - He got his burning knuckles like move from KOF99.
    - He also has a new move. Its a palm like yun/yang and it can crush low guard.
    - Momoko is a Capoera fighter
    - She has a lot of combo possibilities and follow ups, like a second version of Angel with Bob Wilson fighting style.
    - K’ can perform a Narrow Spike as follow-up of his projectile.
    - He has a new CD, and he can hit after his CD without a counter hit.
    - Kula’s DP now does 3 hits.
    - She has an air projectile with a nice effect (Saint Seiya like)
    - Maxima has a new far Standing D like Daimon (Anti air).
    - A new Jump D
    - And he can cancel his Vapour canon (like KOFMI)
    - Kyo has his projectile back. Done with qcb P.
    - Iori’s Ura 316 Shiki: Saika is now a DM.
    - Shingo’s DP K is performed even if he miss the target.
    And characters being listed.

    Ash Crimson, Oswald, Shen Woo
    Terry Bogard, Kim Kap Hwan, Duck King
    Elisabeth Brancorche, Duo Lon, Benimaru Nikkaido
    Ralf Jones, Clark Steel, Whip
    Vanessa, Blue Mary, Ramon
    K', Kula, Maxima
    Malin, Kasumi Todoh, Eiji Kisaragi
    Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Shingo Yabuki
    Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki, King
    Bonne Jenet, Tizoc 'The Griffon Mask', Gato
    Anthena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Momoko

    Note : Finally Duck King is back in ACTION!

    Official KOFXI can be found HERE.
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    Default Re: The King of Fighters XI

    So infos stated that Sho Hayate (Kizuna Encounter) and Gai Tendou is included in that game as well.

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    Default Re: The King of Fighters XI



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    Default Re: The King of Fighters XI

    List of EX/Boss

    Gai Tendou
    Syo Hayate
    Abel and Rose

    Infos from those characters can be found from official website (Japanese).


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