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Thread: Virtualnes ROM cheat codes

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    Default Virtualnes ROM cheat codes

    Anyone using the Virtualnes know where to find cheat codes for this emulator? It has the built in funtion to use them, but I can't find any on the net.

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    There are lot of sites wih NES Game Genie codes, just make a google search with "NES Game Genie codes" keywords. For example:

    To use them, take a look at the "CheatCodes" VirtuaNes subfolder. You will find some .gen files. Those are text files, and the name of the Nes Rom without the extension (.gen) has to be the same as the .gen file to make the codes work. For example, "Castlevania (E).gen":
    ;Game Genie Code for 'Castlevania (E)'
    ; NOTE: *** write codes at the TOP OF LINE ***

    ;Infinite time

    ;Start with 80 power hearts
    Please note that the Rom's region it's very important to make the Genie codes working. Most codes you'll find will be only usefull for "(U)" ( NTSC-USA ) Roms. Also lines starting with ";", are commented lines which will be ignored by the emulator. Then look at these lines from VirtuaNes "Cheat_E.txt" file on "Doc" subfolder:
    = Cheat code =

    An icon appearing in the left side of a cheat code list shows a state of a
    current cheat code.

    In the left, the right lower part expresses an effective / invalidity state, an
    effective / null and void state of a cheat key of an each cheat code, and green
    is effective, and red becomes null and void.

    Be to say that wants to change it with a cheat key, and the cheat code which
    there is not will turn the right lower part into red.

    A state changes that selects it and will click space bar or an icon.

    In addition, can send editing DIALOG when does double click of a cheat code list.

    A state of a cheat code is saved in a save, too.

    = Game Genie =

    Write a code of GameGenie to a text file (extension is ".gen"), and open with a
    file of GameGenie after opening by a ROM image.
    Because a CheatCode folder includes a sample, please refer to it.

    In addition, please open by a ROM image once again to turn a code of GameGenie
    into off.
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    Thanks for the info. I was unaware that you use the Game Genie codes. I thought they were different codes for the emulator!

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    Default Re: Virtualnes ROM cheat codes

    and how do i get the correct .gen file?
    i want the cheatcodes for Zelda II - Adventure of link , but i dont have the .gen file for that game.. can you help me?

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