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Thread: old school gamers please help me

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    Default Super Throws

    So does anybody know how to pull off the super throws in this Death Brade game?


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    Errr, never heard of it. Any info of that game? Time to find it.

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    Default Death Brade/Mutant Fighter

    (notice to moderators, this link is to details/screenshots of the game, not the romsets or anything else deemed *naughty*)

    It's a 1 on 1 wrestling game featuring werewolf, minotaur, hercules, beast thing etc, wrestling.

    I think it's name in Japan was Death Brade and in Europe it was known as Mutant Fighters or something like that, but thems the 2 names of the game.

    You slap/scratch/breathe fire on each other, if you get close the grapple action comes in and it's a pound the buttons affair. Depending on the direction of the joystick and button pressed different moves can be pulled out but there isn't a vast amount of different throws.

    But there is the super throw, once your meter fills up you can pull it out. The cpu drops 1 or 2 on me every round and I don't know how to repay the favour, so anyone out there knows the info drop it on this board please.

    Cheers in advance

    "I believe in the believers, until the believers no longer believe in me"

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    You should look from GameFAQs.


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    Default .

    Up and K!

    So simple yet so deceptive. Thanks again montpics, you have been in a helpful mood today, top notch.

    "I believe in the believers, until the believers no longer believe in me"

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