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Thread: Two questions about mame and zinc

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    Take a look at your mame.exe name. It's mame.exe or mamepp.exe, for example? Rename it in bat file acordly. The generated ini should have the same as mame, so if it's mamepp.exe, it would be mamepp.ini
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    On a side note, I was able to get tekken 3 to work. It doesnt want to work if I turn the sound off or if I turn on slow geometry. I use ZinFE btw. But when I try to play wont work it never responds when i press the coin button.

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    Turn on the sound and turn off the Slow Geometry would be the best. Click on the Slow Geometry option would slow the game down.

    ZinFE? So, do you have ZinC btw? If not try to get the latest version of it. ZinFE is a frontend for ZinC. Then, try to test it by loading the game.

    One important thing, in ZinC file, there should be a d3d_renderer.znc or ogl_renderer.znc in it. If not included, then try to get it from HERE. (Get ZiNc OpenGL and D3D renderers 1.2.1)

    If it failed to load the game, that probably some files were missing in that zip. Try to check the filename and CRC given in previous posts is all are available in that zip.

    If any problem occured, you can ask again.

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    Yea im using the latest version of Zinc with the FE frontend. I also have a ogl plugin in the zinc directory. I will do that rom check that hagbard did.

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