Version 2.3.1 (2020-12-27)

- CPU:
- Fix: unneeded extra prefetch for movem in 68020/30 cpu
(regression in v2.3)
- DSP:
- Fix: master clock use for crossbar/DSP Handshake mode
(partial regression in v1.6)
- Fix: hostport PORTB interrupt handling

- ACSI/IDE/SCSI handling:
- Fix: IDE crash when switching to Falcon mode at run-time
(regression in v2.3)
- Fix: No error dialog on IDE image mount errors
- Fix: Duplicate disk image mount failure handling
- TOS support:
- Fix: TOS 2.07 (Sparrow TOS) support
(regression in v2.3)
- Hatari window handling:
- Fix: Hatari window disappearing from Python UI
when Hatari changes its framebuffer size
(SDL2 specific)
- macOS GUI:
- Fix: FPU setting doesn't work when GUI runs in French

Python UI:
- Several fixes (see its own release-notes.txt)
- Requires now Gtk v3.22 or newer

- Fix: assert in hatari_profile (profile post-processor)
with relative symbols

- Add PortMidi info to devices dialog section in manual
- Updated compatibility documentation

Fixed Falcon programs:
- Music missing in H2O game, in Running game main screen,
Stocasto demo and Epidemic music disk
(crossbar/DSP handshake mode)
- Lockup demo freezing at startup
(DSP hostport PORTB interrupt handling)
- Several demos (Cruor 96k, Hmmm..., Keff, Payback 2015) and games
(Beats of Rage, Capy, Confusion preview 2, Men at War preview,
Moonspeeder preview 2, Neurobot, Pacmania X68000, Slippery Sam
and Sokoban by Fun) not starting with TOS4 or EmuTOS unless MMU
was enabled (unneeded extra prefetch in movem)
- Built-in Obsolescence demo, Delmpaint app and Sidetracked GFA
musicdisk had other issues also with MMU under TOS4 or EmuTOS
(unneeded extra prefetch in movem)