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Thread: Using latest retroarch in debian 10 buster

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    Default Using latest retroarch in debian 10 buster

    In old post in was write how compile retroarch but on my notebook not all cores working.

    But there is solution which i write in this post.

    By using program gnome-software steps are: synaptic manager install gnome software snap its also install additional packages.

    2.Close synaptic install snapd:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install snapd
    sudo snap install core

    3.Install in shell retroarch wait until its installed and close command line.

    3.After you install retroarch open gnome software.

    In my system in polish its called "oprogramowanie" (software)/

    Go to installed tab wait for reading all installed software.

    Scroll down to line with retroarch and click on it.

    Press run( uruchom).

    4.Wait for loading retroarch after loading its should show this window.

    You can close gnome-software retroarch will stay open.

    Congrats you can use any core now.
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