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Thread: Super Mario 3D World - Anyone else been converted?

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    Default Super Mario 3D World - Anyone else been converted?

    For once I was lost, but now I am found. With the recent second coming of Cat Mario, I now see the divine glory that is 3D World.

    I played it on the Wii u a few years ago and was not a fan at all. I found it uninspired, dull, repetitive. I was in my mid teens at the time, so I was hyper critical to anything that didn't have a profound message or pushed barriers in some way. Even Mario, a childhood hero for me, wasn't safe from my edginess. I'm older now and very much appreciate when a game is just trying to be fun for the sake of fun, and I'm blown away by 3D Worlds charm and bulls to the wall color, playfulness, and energy.

    Has anyone else been experiencing that? Gone from hating it years ago then loving it now?

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    Default Re: Super Mario 3D World - Anyone else been converted?

    Mario 3D world was always a good game. Blame the small WillU install base.

    Hopefully it will get the reception it deserves on the switch.

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