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    Please tell me the best way to work in quarantine. To be able to work from home...

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    What kind of skills do you have?

    And what do you want do as freelancer ?

    Online with pc.

    Still no answer do you really read what i was write ?
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    That's the problem: I don't have much skill in working over the Internet. I worked in the market before the pandemic. I want to learn something, I can't decide on the direction.

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    Make a list of your skills and experience. If you need to learn something, visit Youtube or Coursera. You will not earn until you will be ready to complete the projects successfully as you risk to get low rates.

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    Na, if your stuck at home, learn to buy and sell online. Options are of your own making, use ebay, goodwill, forums, or even make your own sales wix page. Just learn to find thing that you can buy and resell. There are always things that have more value in one place and less in another. Could do anything from playing cards to video games. You will make even more if you buy fix and sell, if you find something you can fix that is. Your your imagination... for example, i have seen people fix a iphone with a blow dryer. Anything will work if you put your mind to it.

    While you do this to get money flow, do a few online tutorials on various things. Programing, soldering, D.I.Y kits and projects. Then you will find you can make a eCommerce page or repair things to help selling online. Maybe after COVID you can get a job programming, or in one of the areas you learned.

    In 2000 I got a job at Sprint doing tech support, I leaned to code there. I was bored doing a call center job at night. I left them to go in to software and double my salary. I took that knowledge and applied it to hardware and today I run my own company that makes adapters for gaming hardware.
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