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Thread: Help! What to do with Flash files?

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    Default Re: Help! What to do with Flash files?

    Yes, I am referring to emulators that you have to keep on your own PC, not through a web browser.

    The only thing I could find for you was a list of sites here:

    If you cannot use something in that list then you will need to download an emulator.

    Right now, the only way to "preserve" flash games (and flash software) is the Flashpoint project ( ) and unfortunately not everything is available there (or fully 100% compatible). Thundersoft, the software you mentioned earlier, is designed to convert flash video (like the one youtube used to have in the past) to regular video that can be stored and played locally (not flash applications). That is why I recommended downloading a standalone emulator.

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    Default Re: Help! What to do with Flash files?


    I also, just today, discovered a listing of sites:

    I'll have to try out various sites in the list to see if any runs without Flash.

    I'll also see if I can post my question on the gametechwiki Wiki Help Desk.

    Unfortunately, Flashpoint will be of no use to me. For all the hundreds of games they say they've ported, none of them are from the famous Mario Hackers.

    A standalone emulator would not be the way I do things. Fifteen years ago, I sided with Winamp against Napster; and I still believe in that principle.

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    Default Re: Help! What to do with Flash files?

    ruffle is a Flash Player emulator built in the Rust programming language

    Using the desktop application

    If you want to run Flash content on your computer without a browser in-between, we have native applications that will take full advantage of your GPU and system resources to get those extra frames when playing the original Meat Boy.

    Currently this is just a command line application, but we intend to develop a GUI for it soon for ease of use. First, download the appropriate executable for your operating system from our releases.

    To use the executable, simply start it with the path to the swf you wish to play - it may be either a local file, or a URL to a file online. We do provide more advanced options if you wish to control how this file is played. To view the full options available, run ruffle --help.
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