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Thread: SNESGT won't save state

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    Question SNESGT won't save state

    Hi there,

    I was really thrilled to play again old school game from my childhood, and donwnloaded SNESGT emulator.
    The emulator just works well, and save inside game are working... but

    Just I can't manage to save state of the emulator to retrieve game save every time i start the emulator.

    Anybody has a idea how to fix it??

    I tryed several things: check and specify the right location for save folder, press the "F5" shortcut to save-state or try saving from the menu just doesn't work
    (windows makes a "bling" sound, but that all...)

    Also, everytime I start the emulator, it need to reconfigurate the pad input...??
    isn't there a way to keep the config saved ?

    Thanks for your help
    I am really not skilled with computers...

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    Question Re: SNESGT won't save state

    i'd recommend emailing the people behind it or checking google before making a thread, if all else fails then... yea, however i've never used SNESGT before so I'm sorry for not being able to help.
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    Default Re: SNESGT won't save state

    The folder that the emulator is in, try right click -> properties -> and see if under attributes it says read only. If it does say ready only, uncheck the box and hit apply

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