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Thread: Screen resolution issue with ZSNES

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    Default Screen resolution issue with ZSNES

    I'm using ZSNES on my Ubuntu arcade cabinet with a vertically oriented monitor. If I run with just:

    zsnes -r [romfilename], half the game is off the screen.

    My screen resolution is 1280x1024, and if I set that as the custom screen resolution in ZSNES and run it with "zsnes -v 22 -m [romfilename]" it works, but the right edge of the screen is off the screen.

    Any tips on getting zsnes to run on a vertical monitor?

    Or maybe there's a different emulator that would work?
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    Default Re: Screen resolution issue with ZSNES

    Try compile higan or bsnes.

    I cant find guide to compile bsnes.

    As debian user i can help you compile both.
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