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Thread: melonDS 0.9

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    Default melonDS 0.9

    Revision 94d12c6

    • merge in experimental DSi support
    • 2D: delay palette lookup for sprites
    • 2D: some attempts at fixing mosaic
    • CP15: only update PU regions when actually needed
    • 2D: fix sprite Y-flip
    • 3D/GL: fix transparency bugs
    • add warning against hacked firmwares
    • fix libpcap bug (i404788)
    • better file handling code (Nadia)
    • GBA slot and solar sensor support (rzumer)
    • add support for AR cheat codes
    • fix handling of ROMs with encrypted secure area
    • 3D: change clipping to be closer to hardware
    • 3D: implement DISP_1DOT_DEPTH
    • 3D: more accurate viewport transform
    • build fixes (Nadia)
    • add JIT recompiler (RSDuck)
    • new Qt UI
    • SPU: only start channels when they can actually run
    • 2D: allow writes to DISPCNT/masterbright/capture/dispFIFO regardless of POWCNT
    • SPU: don't process channels with len<4
    • 3D/GL: cleaner polygon generation code
    • 3D/GL: add attempt at reducing warping on quads/etc
    • 3D: add missing variables to savestates
    • wifi: avoid potential out-of-bounds writes with invalid RX buffer setups
    • 3D/GL: fix issues with framebuffer handling
    • make MAC randomization optional
    • make software renderer the default
    • add basic DLDI
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    Default Re: melonDS 0.9

    overall looks good, though i do prefer to use Twilightmenu on my 3ds since the controls feel more natural, i might use the xbox controller i have for the buttons n whatnot if thats even supported.
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    Default Re: melonDS 0.9

    Nice, can't wait to try it when I get home. Great job!
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