Emulation fixes:

ARM: Fix LDM^ writeback to user-mode register
ARM: Fix LDM^ {pc} differences (fixes #1698)
ARM: Fix edge case with Thumb SBC flags (fixes #1818)
GB MBC: Fix MBC1 RAM enable bit selection
GB MBC: Fix MBC2 bit selection
GB Memory: Fix OAM DMA from top 8 kB
GB Video: Always initialize palette
GBA Savedata: Fix potential corruption when loading a 1Mbit flash save
GBA Video: Fix invalid read in mode 4 mosaic
GBA Video: Fix color of disabled screen
SM83: Fix flags on little endian PowerPC

Other fixes:

3DS: Fix garbage on borders of scaled screens
All: Correct format strings for some numbers on Windows (fixes #1794)
All: Correct more format strings on Windows (fixes #1817)
ARM: Fix decoder detection of branches with ALU and LDR instrctions
CMake: Fix build with libzip 1.7
CMake: Add missing dllexports.h file to dev installation
GB Core: Fix extracting SRAM when none is present
GBA: Fix leak if attempting to load BIOS multiple times
GBA Memory: Fix instability on Wii when using AGBPrint
GBA Savedata: Fix extracting save when not yet configured in-game
Qt: Fix file handle leak on opening an invalid ROM
Qt: Fix Italian RTC translation (fixes #1798)
Qt: Add missing option for Wisdom Tree in overrides list
Qt: Fix stability regression on AMD drivers (fixes #1791)
Util: Fix crash if PNG header fails to write
Vita: Fix flickering when using frameskip (fixes #1822)
Wii: Fix pixelated filtering on interframe blending (fixes #1830)


FFmpeg: Use range coder for FFV1 to reduce output size
Qt: Add per-page scrolling to memory view (fixes #1795)
Qt: Add setting to display ROM filename in title (closes #1784)