Notable changes since 1.24.3:

SS: Implemented more complete emulation of SCSP's buggy linear interpolation on FM carrier slots.
SS: Fixed a minor VDP1 rendering inaccuracy with non-rectangular sprites and polygons.
SS: Fixed excessive CPU usage during the FMV in "Dark Seed II".
SS: Fixed hang after defeating the final boss in "Rayman".
SS: Fixed hang after the Meribia singer's singing in "Lunar".
SS: Fixed missing graphics during the attract mode in "Virtua Cop".
SS: Fixed garbage horizontally-stretched sprite in the Christmas-themed stage in "Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams".
SS: Fixed dialogue text truncation in "Senken Kigyouden".
SS: Significantly reduced graphical glitching in "Virtua Fighter" and "Virtua Fighter Remix".