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Thread: Converting NKIT format

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    Default Converting NKIT format

    How does one get files with the nkit extension to work on the Dolphin.
    I have looked for a conversion program to convert these files to either iso or wnbs files
    I got some of these nkit files, and would like to use them.

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    Default Re: Converting NKIT format

    I found something :


    NKit is a Nintendo ToolKit that can Recover and Preserve Wii and GameCube disc images

    Recovery is the ability to rebuild source images to match the known good images verified by Redump

    Preserve is the ability to shrink any image and convert it back to the source ISO

    NKit can convert to ISO and the NKit format. The NKit format is designed to shrink an image to its smallest while ensuring it can be restored back to the original source data. NKit images are also playable with Dolphin, Swiss and Nintendont (but not Wii USB Loaders yet).
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