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Thread: Issues with the WII Remote

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    Default Issues with the WII Remote

    Hopefully someone can shed some light here.
    It is about installing my WII Remote
    I get my computer to recognize the WII remote in my devices and printers no sweat. (It does take a while maybe about two minutes, but it installs)
    However when I fire up Dolphin and try to link it to my WII Remote
    I lose the Icon, and my computer no longer recognizes the WII Remote.
    If I wait for a minute of so, the computer again recognizes my WII Remote as I get the Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 Icon
    But again if I try to link it to Dolphin it goes away.
    I know there must be a conflict, but I can not figure out where it is coming from.
    Can someone help. I would like to play WII Games on my computer.
    It was working a few weeks ago, so I know my machine can do this.

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    Default Re: Issues with the WII Remote

    Check drivers and update to latest.
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    Default Re: Issues with the WII Remote

    I believe there was a problem with certain bluetooth adapters/drivers, I had similar problems when I tried myself.

    I have not tried to WII Remote in a while so I am not sure of the status right now.

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    Default Re: Issues with the WII Remote

    There were a lot of issue with this very thing and the way most fix it is by using a new BT stack. I use Toshiba and have no issue but I als got my Toshiba unethically. Do not PM me for it, do not ask where I got it, find it yourself. You can also try some free ones.
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    Default Re: Issues with the WII Remote

    Update to the latest drivers.

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