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    I have been monitoring my Switch ever since I have bought it. On it's first week,
    I had encountered that the Switch turned off just like how it turns off when the battery reaches 1% when the console shows that it's still at 24%.
    Then just recently, I had it charged till 80%.
    I was able to get the Warning message of it turning off during the 15% and 2%.
    But when it reached 1%, I was able to play Zelda regardless. I was able to play 20 minutes more until I decided to turn the system off?
    What should I do about this? And is there a fix for the issues that I had?

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    Default Re: Nintendo Battery Issues

    how to use your Nintendo Switch affect directly to the device age
    do you have a problem when charging to 99% the machine will always stand? This situation is quite common in smartphones or tablets when charging and stopping charging at less than 100% occur frequently causing many causes such as battery bottle, battery display error. Now it also appears on the game console due to the use of Nintendo Switch to plug and unplug the charger. I suggest that you should check whether the battery display error or not due to battery bottle.

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