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Thread: Which game can you recomend to play

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    Default Re: Which game can you recomend to play

    Always gotta give recommendations for Stardew Valley! Great music, atmosphere and of course characters
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    Default Re: Which game can you recomend to play

    Quote Originally Posted by Tirngortag View Post
    My passion is World of Warcraft. I have been a fan of the game for the last 5 years, more or less. Actually almost all my keens like it more than any other game of any other kind. Sometimes it can be really difficult (the Nyalotha mission is the hardest for me even now) but still you can accomplish them either through your own skills or with some help from pro players thus widening your gaming experience
    I would also recommend WoW like Tirngortag has already done in terms of its entertaining effect this game is second to none, my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hassan420 View Post
    My favorite one is World of Warcraft. I can definitely recommend it. Here you can play by your own, as well as with friends. There is a huge amount of activities like m+ dungeons, raids, arenas, quests, reputations and so on. But lately, there has been a problem that if you want to play at a serious level, you'll have to add to the cost of the subscription some money for as it's unrealistic to do it all on your own, at least for me
    It is a pity that WoW is not available for PS5 that would be one more reason for me to buy this console but without World of Warcraft it loses any sense doing that

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