Howdy all,

Have just found the wonderful world if emulation and have some question for all you outstanding people!!

I currently have a system in my cupboard and wanna make it a full emulation system to use in my lounge room tv - amd ryzen 2400g/ 16 gig 3000mhz ram/ Rx 570 you - Would these specs allow me to use it for an emulation pc?

With the above specs I would look at using These emulators - nes/snes/n64/game gear/master system/mega drive/mame/neo geo/ps1/ps2/game boy variants. Would they all be playable?

Is there any kind of front end programs to access the emulators all from 1 thing with the game cover art?

That's all for know but thank you to anyone who reads and can offer any help at all its muchly appreciated!