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Thread: Unable to Save Games

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    Default Unable to Save Games

    In the past 24 hours I've downloaded two Pokemon ROMs for the VisualBoy Advanced (Windows):

    - Pokemon Soul Dark
    - Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma

    Both ironically are platformed in Fire Red and I can't save in either of them.
    I get the 'There is already a save file' message even though I've never played either of these ROMs before and when I go to overwrite these non-existent saves I get:
    "Save Error: Please exchange the backup memory".

    I'm assuming at this point since this has occurred with two different games that it's a problem with VBA. I've saved multiple Fire Red based fan games before without an issue so why is this happening now all of a sudden?

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    Default Re: Unable to Save Games

    Stop using that old emulator try mGBA a lot of fixes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pix07 View Post
    Stop using that old emulator try mGBA a lot of fixes.

    Excellent, the problem is solved in this emulator! Thanx!

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