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Thread: St Valentines Day! How did you spend it? )

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    Default St Valentines Day! How did you spend it? )

    Hi there!
    How did you spend SVD? Actually what is your attitude to this holiday? )

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    Default Re: St Valentines Day! How did you spend it? )

    As for me I don't quite like it and consider it a fake holiday as you shouldn't have extra excuses to remind about your love I suppose! So I treat it mostly negative! Maybe because I don't need a specific day to make my bae something special )) thus this year's 14 February I spent with more benefit than the rest of my friends )) I started digging into my new hobby - designing houses\flats etc. It is SO MUCH interesting!!! When I stumbled upon the gallery of projects made by amateurs via Planner5D (simply have a look at these beauties I was really shocked
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