New features/improvements:

GUI high DPI support rewritten.
Lagless vsync stability improvements.
Added Trojan light gun preset to Game ports panel.
On the fly chipset model switching compatibility improved.
SPTI CD/DVD access mode now internally emulates all CD audio commands. All other commands are forwarded to the drive like previously.
PCMCIA hot swap support improved. (PCMCIA SRAM and IDE needs to be set again if previously configured)
My CPU tester detected edge cases, bugs and undocumented CPU behavior updates implemented. (More details in separate CPU tester note later)
More compatible partition HDF default geometry calculation if size is 1000M or larger.
CD32 pad does not anymore disable joystick second button if both CD32 and 2-button joystick is active simultaneously.
Host directory/archive drag and drop to WinUAE window now supports mounting multiple items simultaneously.
Debugger disassembler fixes and few very rarely used instructions dissemble now correctly.

Bugs fixed:

Disk index pulses were not being generated when disk was being written (Cadaver v0.1 save disk writing)
CDTV audio CD playing state restore fixed.
A2024 monitor didnít show full viewable area.
24-bit uaegfx RTG mode had random wrong color pixels in some situations.
nrg CD images didnít load correctly in relative path mode.
Graphics glitch in some programs that also depended on display scaling/size (for example Alien Breed 3D)
Disk swapper path modifications did nothing while emulation was running.
Restoring CD32 or CDTV statefile with CD audio playing: start playing immediately, do not include normal CD audio start delays.
Fixed possible crash when PPC emulation stopped emulated sound card audio.
Quite special kind of CD32 pad button read code was not emulated correctly.

Other changes:

Added separate 68000-68060 CPU tester/validator project based on UAE CPU core generator.
Removed all 68020 cycle-exact CPU mode internal idle cycles. It mainly slowed down the CPU too much and didnít match real world well enough.

New emulated hardware:

Archos Overdrive HD (PCMCIA IDE adapter)
ICD Trifecta (A500 IDE/SCSI controller)
M-Tec Mastercard (SCSI expansion for M-Tec T1230 A1200 accelerator)
Scala MM dongles