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Thread: Something safer than 2-step verification?

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    Default Something safer than 2-step verification?

    Making my own site concerning data saving. Thinking about securing accs of my clients. What do you think what is safer than a simple 2-step verification? Or maybe you can give me some additional tips about security? Many thanks )

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    Default Re: Something safer than 2-step verification?

    Hi Bami!
    If this is going to be some really valuable data then 2-step verification is really a good option but make it Authy/Authentificator-based. Better avoid using sms approving as hackers can intercept them without you and your clients even knowing about that. Some time ago I preferred Authy but Google Authentificator also can backup accounts now. That was its main disadvantage before because if you loose the app then you lose access to your secured accounts.
    As for making secure apps I strongly recommend you to read this article If you have never heard of Secure Development Lifecycle and its benefits then the article is for you. Hope I was helpful!

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