Added: ability to switch audio mixer (between My Nes internal mixer and nes mixer that described in wiki). Details can be found in new page of the Getting Started dialog.
-- Imporved: FPS limiter, now it is 100% accurate (for all threads).
-- Fixed: DMC DMA and OAM DMA. Now all related tests pass (some games fixed such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sprite glitches).
-- Fixed: Sprites priority. (Can be noticed in Super Mario Bros 3 when you take the first maschrum)
-- Fixed: ppu timing (no bug, the timing was wrong with a cycle shift, now the timing matches exactly the diagram that provided in nes wiki here: <>)
+- Added: ability to toggle fullscreen by double-mouse clicking on the emu screen.
+- Added: ability to configure emulation shortcuts (via input settings, go to Input>Emulation Shortcuts).
+- Added: ability to change buffer size for sound playback (SlimDX Audio renderer only).
+- Fixed: ppu cycle timing, now it is 100% accurate (matches the rendering timing as described in wiki).
+- Fixed: ppu sprites render in the first 4 pixels as mirrors of last 4 pixels.
+- Fixed: game genie code edit function make My Nes crashes when the code file for a game is not presented.
+- Fixed: connect 4 players make My Nes crashes.

+Notes (Important):
-- Please note that the external sound channels of mappers (i.e. mapper 5) are enabled again in this version (it was disabled in the previous version).
-- If the sound went off after chosing an audio mixer, simply try to switch mixer again (From main menu: Audio > Use Mixer).
-- No changes for MyNesGTK nor MyNesSDL in this version, the Core is updated for this version though so it is up to date.
- The only thing you may want to do is to switch the audio mixer manually.
- To do so, simply go to
- Windows: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\MyNes
- Linux: ./Home/MyNes
- Locate renderersettings.ini file, open it then locate this line (add it if it does not exist):
- Audio_UseDefaultMixer=0
- 0 means My Nes will use the internal mixer. This one is not as described in the wiki, it suppose to produce higher quality sound...
- Audio_UseDefaultMixer=1
- 1 means My Nes will use the defaul mixer as described in the wiki here: <>
- Save changes to apply then run MyNesSDL. Changing mixer will not affect performance, hence both mixers values are loaded into lookup table at game hard reset.
- Note that in Windows, MyNesSDL and MyNes share the same configuration file.+- For best experience, please delete settings files (not folders) in My Nes settings folder before using this new version.
+ The setting files can be found in: \Documents\MyNes
+ The files are: controls.mnc, emusettings.ini, renderersettings.ini and winsettings.ini.
+ This step is optional, it will reset My Nes into default without LOSING ANY OTHER DATA, such as state saves, snapshots ...etc
+- Sound buffer size affect quality and performance, the lower the buffer size lower the quality and better performance...
+ 8 KB size found to be the lowest value possible (normal quality) before glitches can be heared in sound (lower values may do glitches).
+ 24 KB size found to be the highest value (highest quality) possible before none-resolved latency appears.
+ You can set custom buffer size value in the settings:
+ go to \Documents\MyNes, edit renderersettings.ini, change line: Audio_PlaybackBufferSizeInKB=24 while 24 is buffer size
+ then save the file.
+- You can use Keyboard, Joystick or Xbox 360 Controller for emulation shortucts.
+- Please make sure that audio frequency value (Audio>Frequency) matches the sound output frequency in your pc.
+ You can set custom frequency value in the settings:
+ go to \Documents\MyNes, edit renderersettings.ini, change line: Audio_Frequency=48000 while 48000 is audio frequency
+ then save the file.